What is BSys?

We are a cross-disciplinary team of undergraduate Concordia students ranging from software and hardware developers to designers and neuroscience enthusiasts. No matter who you are and what you're majoring in, if you share our passion for the latest and greatest in human interfaces, we'll find something that YOU can bring to the table!

What are biosignals?

In our context, biosignals are a modern way to interface with technology using the motion and state of the body as an input. Well known examples include voice commands, accelerometers, and bioelectricity readers that can track muscular as well as brainwave activity. Even visual, thermal, and chemical input can count: if it involves signal processing and it comes from the body, it's a biosignal!

What can you do with biosignals?

This is the exciting part! Applications range from medical (therapy, neurofeedback) to functional (controlling devices with gestures or even thoughts) to entertaining (videogames that react to your state of body/mind). Take a look at our Projects page to get an idea of what we're working on right now. But don't stop there if you've got something in mind: ask us if it's possible to make it a reality!

Why did you start BSys?

We are to help fellow students though the same problems we had to face when pursuing our interest in this area of biotechnology:

1) Lack of education. There are no basic classes, tutorials, or workshops on most of the devices we work with or biosignals in general. The concepts we work with, when they can be seen at all, show up only in senior or graduate level courses, making it very difficult for a newbie to try things out and see if they are interested. We plan on tackling this by inspiring the general public with information sessions and wearable technology usage tutorials, as well as by providing workshops and a passionate environment for everyone that decides to join us as a developer!

2) Lack of access! Most of the devices we work with are too expensive for individual experimentation -- would you drop $200, $300 or more on single devices when you're not even sure whether you'd like working with them? With BSys, that is no longer a problem. We're able to organise sharing at least one of each among several kinds of devices among several members for workshops, hacks, and general experimentation -- and we'll provide the necessary hardware and support for free!

3) Lack of guidance. It's a common misconception that there's no way you can get into this field without having years of experience or a PhD. We'll show you various basics that someone with no experience whatsoever can get started on. And if you're eager for more, we'll put you in contact with the masters!

All this brings us to our mission overall: Giving Concordia students the unprecedented opportunity to access and develop novel biosignal-based technology.

How can I get started on a project?

Check out our Projects page and see if anything catches your interest. Whether you're interested in joining an existing project or have an idea for something completely new, you can contact our VP Projects and get started ASAP.

Are there restrictions to membership ?

You must be a Concordia student to become an official member, but outside associates are also welcome at the majority of our activities and events. There are no background, major, or experience requirements as long as you're motivated to learn: whether you're interested in hardware, software, science, design, medicine, or something else that you can bring to the table, you're welcome at BSys!

I have another question!

Contact us at info@bsys.ca and we'll get you an answer!